Flentke Legal Consulting, PLLC, Outsourced Legal Services for Law Firms
Flentke Legal Consulting, PLLC, is a private law firm that provides outsourced legal services to other law firms.
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What Flentke Legal Consulting Can Do for Your Firm

Flentke Legal Consulting, PLLC, is a private law firm that provides outsourced legal services to other law firms. Services include appeals, briefs, memoranda of law, motion practice, pleadings, discovery, hearings, depositions, and other legal services as requested.


The core mission of Flentke Legal Consulting is to work diligently to provide your firm with insightful analysis, thorough research, and quality legal writing, with the goal of increasing your firm’s capacity, agility, and efficiency, to give you more time and peace of mind:


Flentke Legal Consulting can help increase your firm’s work capacity to take on new, complex cases.


Whether you have a heavy workload or a lean period, Flentke Legal Consulting can help your firm fill in gaps and manage transitions, without disruptive office staff adjustments.


Flentke Legal Consulting can help give you time to spend on marketing, management, meeting with current and potential clients, and growing your practice.

Peace of Mind

Sleep restfully, knowing that Flentke Legal Consulting is working diligently with the mission of delivering a thoroughly researched, well-written product to your inbox.


Appellate Practice


Trial Court Briefs

Motion Practice


Memoranda of Law




Trial Preparation


Case Analysis

Practice Areas

Federal Court Litigation


State Court Litigation


Creditor’s Rights

Creditor’s Rights


Bankruptcy (including Adversary Proceedings)


Construction Litigation

Real Estate Litigation


Commercial Litigation


Tort Litigation

Business Law


Social Security Appeals


Privacy Law


After more than a decade as a licensed attorney in Florida, Jacob has experience in both federal and state courts in a variety of areas, including commercial litigation, bankruptcy, creditors’ rights, construction litigation, real estate litigation, social security appeals, and privacy law. Jacob is also Of Counsel to BransonLaw, PLLC.


As in any situation, attention must be paid to ethical considerations to ensure that client confidences are maintained, conflicts of interest are avoided, and the fee charged to the client is fair and reasonable.

Engage Flentke Legal Consulting to serve your Firm today: