Why Outsource?

Why Outsource with Flentke Legal Consulting

Outsourcing can provide your firm with greater agility and capacity, while increasing your firm’s efficiency and economics. The core mission of Flentke Legal Consulting is to work diligently to provide your firm with insightful analysis, thorough research, and quality writing, so that you have more time to focus on marketing, growing your practice, and the business of operating a law firm. Flentke Legal Consulting strives to provide:

Insightful Analysis

Flentke Legal Consulting aims to provide insightful analysis on complicated legal issues and to strategize on difficult cases.

Thorough Research

Flentke Legal Consulting will work to perform research diligently, thoroughly, and thoughtfully.

Quality Writing

Flentke Legal Consulting’s primary goal is to deliver high-quality, well-written, signature-ready briefs and pleadings to your inbox.

Peace Of Mind

Reduce your stress and sleep restfully, knowing that Flentke Legal Consulting is working diligently with the goal of delivering an excellent work product.


Flentke Legal Consulting can help your firm’s efforts to gear up quickly and transition through lean periods smoothly, without disruptive office staff adjustments.


Flentke Legal Consulting can help your firm take on new, complicated cases by providing additional capacity.


Flentke Legal Consulting can help improve the economics of your firm’s legal services, with the goal of passing on savings to the client, while increasing revenues for your firm.


Flentke Legal Consulting can help increase your firm’s efficiency, so that you have more time to devote to meeting with clients, growing your practice, and managing your law firm’s business.

“Outsourcing affords lawyers the ability to reduce their costs and often the cost to the client to the extent that the individuals or entities providing outsourced services can do so at lower rates than the lawyer’s own staff. In addition, the availability of lawyers and nonlawyers to perform discrete tasks may, in some circumstances, allow for the provision of labor-intensive legal services by lawyers who do not otherwise maintain the needed human resources on an ongoing basis. A small firm might not regularly employ the lawyers and legal assistants required to handle a large, discovery-intensive litigation effectively. Outsourcing, however, can enable that law firm to represent a client in such a matter effectively and efficiently, by engaging additional lawyers to conduct depositions or to review and analyze documents, together with a temporary staff of legal assistants to provide infrastructural support.”


American Bar Association Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Formal Opinion 08-451, August 5, 2008.


As in any situation, attention must be paid to ethical considerations to ensure that client confidences are maintained, conflicts of interest are avoided, and the fee charged to the client is fair and reasonable.

Click here for more information about the ethical considerations involved in outsourcing legal services.

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